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20 Portuguese (EU) Phrases for Beginners

If you’re just starting to learn Portuguese, mastering some essential phrases can make your language journey easier. Whether you’re planning a trip to Angola or Portugal, these basic expressions will come in handy.

20 Portuguese Phrases for Beginners

List of Portuguese-speaking countries

Portuguese is the official language of 10 countries and spoken by over 220 million people worldwide.

  • Brazil

  • Angola

  • Mozambique

  • Portugal

  • Guinea-Bissau

  • East Timor

  • Equitorial Guinea

  • Cape-Verde

  • São Tomé and Principe

  • Macao


Ola! Como esta?

- Hello!

In Portuguese: Olá!

Good morning!

In Portuguese: Bom dia!

Good afternoon!

In Portuguese: Boa tarde!

Good evening!

In Portuguese: Boa noite!

- Welcome!

In Portuguese: Bem-vindo/a!

- How are you?

In Portuguese: Como está?

- I'm fine.

In Portuguese: Estou bem

- No, I'm not well.

In Portuguese: Não, não estou bem.

- What's your name?

In Portuguese: Como te chamas?

- My name is Pedro.

In Portuguese: O meu nome é Pedro.

- Do you speak portuguese?

In Portuguese: Fala português?

- Yes, I speak Portuguese.

In Portuguese: Sim, falo português.

Eu, nao falo portugues

- No, I don't speak Portuguese. In Portuguese: Eu, não falo português. - I don't understand.

In Portuguese: Não estendo.

- How to say ... in Portuguese?

In Portuguese: Como se diz ... em Português

- I don't know. In Portuguese: Não sei.

- Please.

In Portuguese: Por favor

- Thank you.

In Portuguese: Obrigado/a

- I'm sorry.

In Portuguese: Desculpe/a

- Where do you live?

In Portuguese: Onde você mora?

- I live in Luanda, in Angola.

In Portuguese: Eu moro no Luanda, em Angola.

- Goodbye!

In Portuguese: Adeus

- See you later!

In Portuguese: Até logo Feel free to practice these phrases with a friend or your nearest teddy bear! 🐻 Remember, learning a new language takes time, so be patient and enjoy the journey!

Calendar Vocabulary in Portuguese

In Portuguese, the months of the year are Janeiro, Fevereiro, Março, Abril, Maio, Junho, Julho, Agosto, Setembro, Outubro, Novembro, Dezembro.

Days of the week in Portuguese:

- Monday: Segunda-feira

- Tuesday: Terça-feira

- Wednesday: Quarta-feira

- Thursday: Quinta-feira

- Friday: Sexta-feira

- Saturday: Sábado

- Sunday: Domingo

Colours in Portuguese:

Let’s explore some basic colours in Portuguese:

  • RedVermelho

  • BlueAzul

  • GreenVerde

  • YellowAmarelo

  • OrangeLaranja

  • PinkRosa

  • PurpleRoxo

  • BrownMarrom

  • GrayCinza (Note: The word “cinza” doesn’t change according to gender.)

  • BlackPreto


Portuguese worksheet

Are you travelling to Portugal?

Lisbon, portugal, sesimbra, couple travel

Here 7 places to visit in Portugal:

  • 25 April Bridge

  • Belem Tower

  • Jernimos Monastery

  • Praça do Comércio, Lisboa

  • Take a tram ride

  • Praça Luís de Camões

  • Sesimbra

LCS School can help you learn Portuguese online with a native teacher.

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