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20 French Phrases for Beginners

If you’re just starting to learn French, mastering some essential phrases can make your language journey easier. Whether you’re planning a trip to France, DR Congo or any french speaking countries, these basic expressions will come in handy.

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List of French-speaking countries

French is the official language of 11 countries and spoken by over 430 million people worldwide.

  • Democratic Republic of Congo

  • France (Metropolitan & Overseas France)

  • Ivory Coast

  • Niger

  • Senegal

  • Guinea

  • Benin

  • Togo

  • Congo

  • Gabon

  • Monaco


Ola! Como esta?


In French: Bonjour !

Hi! In French: Salut ! Coucou !

Good morning!

In French: Bonjour !

Good evening!

In French: Bonsoir!

- Welcome!

In French: Bienvenue

- How are you?

In French: Comment allez-vous ?

Informal: Comment vas-tu ? Ça va ?

- I'm fine.

In French: Je vais bien.

Informal: Ça va

- No, I'm not well:

In French: Non, je ne vais pas bien !

- What's your name?

In French: Comment vous appelles-vous ?

Informal: Comment tu t'appelles ?

- My name is Julie

In French: Je m'appelle Julie.

- Do you speak French?

In French: Parlez-vous français ?

- Yes, I speak French.

In French: Oui, Je parles français.

Eu, nao falo portugues

- No, I don't speak French. In French: Non, je ne parles pas français.

- I don't understand.

In French: Je ne comprends pas.

- How to say ... in French?

In French: Comment dit-on ... en français ? I don't know. In French: Je ne sais pas.

- Please.

In French: S'il vous plaît.

informal: S'il te plaît.

- Thank you.

In French: Merci

- I'm sorry.

In French: Je suis désolé(e).

- Where do you live?

In French: Tu habites où ?

- I live in Paris

In French: J'habite à Paris.

- Goodbye!

In French: Au revoir !

Nice to meet you!

In French: Enchanté(e)

- See you later !

In French: A bientôt !

- See you soon !

In French: À tout à l'heure !

- Congratulations !

In French: Félicitations

Feel free to practice these phrases with a friend or your nearest teddy bear! 🐻 Remember, learning a new language takes time, so be patient and enjoy the journey!

Calendar Vocabulary in French:

In French, the months of the year are janvier, février, mars, avril, mai, juin, juillet, août, septembre, octobre, novembre, and décembre. The days of the week are: lundi, mardi, mercredi, jeudi, vendredi, samedi, dimanche.

Numbers in French:

0. zéro

  1. un

  2. deux

  3. trois

  4. quatre

  5. cinq

  6. six

  7. sept

  8. huit

  9. neuf

  10. dix

Colours in French:

Let’s explore some basic colours in French

  • RedRouge

  • BlueBleu

  • GreenVert

  • YellowJaune

  • OrangeOrange

  • PinkRose

  • PurpleViolet

  • BrownMarron

  • GrayGris

  • BlackNoir

  • WhiteBlanc


Portuguese worksheet

Are you travelling to France?

Metro parisiens

Here 10 places to visit in Paris, France:

  • Eifffel tower

  • Champs-Elysées

  • Le musée du louvre

  • Château de Versailles

  • Notre Dame Cathedral

  • Arc de Triomphe

  • Montmartre

  • Galeries Lafayette

  • Place des Vosges

  • Disneyland Paris

  • Les Passages Couverts

  • Bateaux-Mouches

LCS School can help you learn french online with a native teacher.

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