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Learn a language, Connect to the world, Familiarise with your roots

Who we are

Language Connect by the Shondas - LCS School offers language courses by means of video conferencing.

It is a business partnership based in the UK and co-founded by Osoko Fredy & Deborah Shonda.

It comprises individual lessons of European & African languages.


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African languages are key to our offering, starting with Swahili and Lingala. We provide courses of African languages to virtual groups of 4 students to both adults and children. 


Our aim is to foster the learning of the African culture through the learning of languages. We also consider it a safeguarding of our cultural heritage. We believe that Africans and African descendants need to develop their knowledge of their own languages.

Also individual lessons of European languages i.e. French, English, Spanish and German with the aim to:

Provide the basics knowledge of the language

➦ Facilitate professional development
Provide the skills required for business activities
Provide student mentoring 

Courses are delivered via video conferencing so there are no geographical restrictions to people willing to enrol. Moreover, we adapt to all levels from beginners to advanced.

For all languages, teachers ensure a significant level of interaction whilst combining a variety of course materials.



Language Courses for Adults


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Why choose us

Satisfaction Guaranteed
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Global and
inter-generational outreach
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Interactive group lessons for African languages

Creative teachings including cultural elements

Useful language skills for the everyday life

Support to professional development

Open to children, teenagers and adults

African languages taught to both French speakers and English speakers

Support from elders and their unique African Language skills

Quality Services

Qualified teachers working as professionals in primary and secondary schools


➦ Most teachers are bilingual English and French

Teachers of African languages have outstanding speaking, writing, listening and reading skills

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 Individual lessons tailored to your needs

 Bespoke programme for intermediate and advanced levels

Alignment with school’s curriculum for children

The information you provide on this form will only be used to provide you with updates and personalized marketing. Your privacy is important to us! 

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