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Discover Otetela - A Congolese Language

Short introduction to the otetela


Tetela or ɔtɛtɛla is a Bantu language spoken mainly in the Sankuru province of the Democratic Republic of Congo. It now has over one million speakers.

At Language Connect by the Shondas - LCS School, we want to promote our cultural heritage through language learning without focusing solely on the so-called "national" or official languages.

Before we organise any courses, we will publish short lessons on our blog that will allow you to discover this language.

Lettres ɔ et ɛ

Letter ɔ: « o » ouvert

Letter ɛ: « e » ouvert

•Otetela à -> Ɔtɛtɛla

Accents mark the intonation of words

The importance of knowing how to present yourself in otetela

Greeting is the first step in cultivating a relationship. It can be said that an impression is worth a thousand words.

We greet each other to show respect and to put people at ease. The greeting is a symbol of openness and friendship towards the recipient. It also creates a sense of community.

Through this post you will learn the questions you can ask a stranger to get to know them and the answers to these questions in Kitetela.

Basic expression

Hello !

In tetela : Mɔyɔ

Hi everybody!

In tetela : Mɔyɔ anyu léngo !

How are you?

In tetela : Ngandéna ?

How are you doing?

In tetela : Niekɔ ki?

I'm fine.

In tetela : lekɔ ki

No, I'm not well.

In tetela : Ndóko, dimi bu dimɛna


In tetela : Yáyoó

What's your name?

In tetela : Lokómbó lákiyɛ na?

My name is Maman Walo.

In tetela : Lokómbó lakimi A’ma Yema Do you speak otetela?

In tetela : We tɛkɛtaka ɔtɛtɛla?

Yes, I speak otetela.

In tetela : Elo, dimi tɛkɛtaka ɔtɛtɛla.

No, I don't speak otetela.

In tetela : Ndóko / Kéma / Bu dimi hatɛkɛta ɔtɛtela.

Ok, thanks a lot.

In tetela : Káwɔ, losáká efula.


In tetela : Lámalángayɛ

Goodbye !

In tetela (1 personne) : Dimi lambokotshika !

In tetela (plusieurs personnes) : Dimi lambonyotshika !

Goodbye (2)

In tetela (1 personne) : Kotshikale la wolo !

In tetela (plusieurs personnes) : Kanyotshikale la wolo !

Where have you been?

In tetela : Wɛmalende ? I was in Wembɔ-Nyama.

In tetela : Dimi laki lo Wembɔ-Nyama. Where are you from?

In tetela : Wɛ osénaeye ? I'm from Tshumbe.

In tetela : Dimilɛko ose Ohámbe. Where do you live?

In tetela : Wɛ lende adjasɛye ? I live in Nambelo.

In tetela : Dimi mbidjasɛka la Nambelo.

Goodbye! See you soon!

In tetela : Tayɛnana !

Watch the video below to hear the pronunciation:

There are many ways to learn Otetela. But it may be difficult to learn it on your own. For starters, you can find free resources on our YouTube channel that aim to introduce you to some of the basics of the language.

If you want to know more, follow us on social media @ShondasSchool and don't hesitate to contact us.

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